DOMAR offers Advanced Training (CFA) and Transversal Training (CFT) courses, including in the enrollment of the 14 ECTS program to be taught throughout the thesis period. The student must justify, at the end of the thesis period, that have passed a minimum of 350 hours (14 ECTS) of training activities, of which 8 ECTS must be CFA of DOMAR and the rest can be CFA and CFT and / or complementary training courses.


The offer of DOMAR courses is biannual and covers subjects of the 4 orientations of this program. Each year a series of Advanced and Transversal Training Courses will be offered depending on the theme of the thesis in progress and the proposals of PhD students and directors.


Code Title Coordinators Email Organising institution ECTS Schedule dates More information
CFA.1.2020 Observing and modelling oceanic systems
Jesús Dubert (UAVEIRO)
Julio Martín (UVIGO)
4 21-24 June 2021 CFA.1.2020_21
CFA.2.1.2020 New trends in aquaculture biotechnology research José Luis Soengas (UVIGO) UVIGO 4 12-16 April 2021 CFA.2.1.2020_21
CFA.2.2.2020 Deep-sea biodiversity and conservation
Ana Hilario (UAVEIRO)
4 25-30 April 2021
*8-12 March 2021 (Alternative dates according to teacher availability, will be definitively confirmed in January)
CFA.3.2020 Global governance of the oceans Laura Movilla (UVIGO) UVIGO 4 22-26 February 2021 CFA.3.2020_21
CFA.4.2020 Eficiencia energética y energías renovables en el sector marítimo Camilo José Carrillo (UVIGO) UVIGO 4 12, 13, 14, 19, 20 April 2021 CFA.4.2020_21


Code Title Coordinators Email Organising institution ECTS Schedule dates More information
CFT.1.2020 Shellfish acquaculture in the carbon economy Xosé Antón Álvarez Salgado (IIM-CSIC) IIM-CSIC 1 5-7 May 2021 CFT.1.2020_21
CFT.2.2020 Scientific culture, ocean literacy and engagement with society José Pintado (IIM-CSIC) IIM-CSIC 2 18-25 May 2021 CFT.2.2020_21
CFT.3.2020 Crafting good communication skills: talks and posters M Aranguren (UVIGO) UVIGO 2 31 May – 25 June 2021 CFT.3.2020_21
CFT.4.2020 Seminar on scientific writing Henrique Queiroga (UAVEIRO) UAVEIRO 1 5-6 July 2021 CFT.4.2020_21