The Do*MAR doctoral program offers 4 Orientations and 12 Fields of Specialization, which in turn collect a series of research lines (click on the guidelines to see the research lines) in which students can develop their thesis projects:


Ocean Observation and Global Change Ocean Observation
Systems and technologies for ocean observation
Global Change
Sustainable use of Marine Resources Management and Use of Resources
Transformation and Valorization
Integral Management of the Sea Environmental Analysis and Evaluation
Coastal Planning
Coastal Protection and Maritime Safety: Engineering and Regulation
Technological progress. Engineering and Business Management Port Infrastructures. Maritime Management and Transport
Maritime management and law


The period to do the thesis is 3 years, extendable for one year and exceptionally one more year (in part-time dedication the duration is 5 years), according to Royal Decree 99/2011 (Spain) or Decree-law 115/2013 (Portugal). Throughout this period the student must develop his/her thesis project and carry out training activities (at least 1,000 hours at the end of the period).